Baby Announcement

Exactly three days ago I was walking down the ramp of the parking garage and into the hospital because I was pretty sure I was in labor.

Right now I am rocking in a glider with my 3  day old newborn baby boy snoozing on my chest.

I had psyched myself up thinking about the labor and delivery, worried that I had somehow set the bar too high with my first one and thinking maybe it was a fluke that it went so well.  I heard several horror stories from women who had a terrific natural childbirth with their first baby, only to tell me their second labors were harder, longer, and unbearable.  (Note to those whom this has happened to- don’t tell these stories to pregnant women!  Wait until after their babies are born to share the scary details!)

Of course I know how strong the mind is, and the power of suggestion- so I was trying to remember this and focus on what I knew to be true…that our bodies are made for this and if supported, know exactly what to do and how to birth a child!  I recently read a story of a woman who delivered a healthy baby while in a coma!  So it seems if we “get out of the way of ourselves,” most times things will go the way they should.

Of course there are many circumstances where medical intervention is necessary, and this is why pregnancy and childbirth are much safer for women and babies in our country than they were even a hundred years ago.  This is also why I chose to have my babies in the hospital even though I have home birth written all over me!

Most people I know think it has to be one way or the other- hospital or home birth, because they assume at the hospital they will take over and do everything conventionally.  I have now given birth in two different hospitals in two different states and am here to prove you can have a wonderful, amazing, natural childbirth in a hospital.  It’s what I consider the integrative approach.

Published in The New Yorker 03/15/2010 by Mick Stevens

Over the next few days (maybe weeks depending on how much time I have to write with a 2 year old and a newborn to care for!)  I’ll tackle many of the questions people have about having as natural an experience as possible in a hospital setting, and many of the things to consider before you go in.

Remember my post recently on red raspberry leaf tea?  Check back tomorrow to see if I used it and whether or not it worked!

5 thoughts on “Baby Announcement”

  1. Thanks Holly, with just five weeks to go, I have started to get some worries on whether I can do it naturally. But I will remember that the mind is an incredibly powerful force and women have been doing it this way for years!

  2. I had a FANTASTIC natural birth in a hospital, with a midwife and everyone totally respectful of my choosing to go drug free. Though I did have a fetal monitor because I was delivering six weeks early, so maybe not what some would consider totally natural? It worked for us, though.


  3. I am anxiously awaiting your birth story with your new one. I am pregnant with our second child and had such a wonderful natural hospital childbirth with our first. I am drinking red raspberry leaf tea which seems to be helping with nausea. I’m hoping it helped with your labor and delivery! Congratulations.

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