Best Baby DVDs

I used to think I wouldn’t let my child watch any TV before the age of 2…then I actually had a child. Of course we all know that babies need more interaction than to be plopped down in front of the television, but there are times when turning on a video is just what everyone in the family needs.

I HIGHLY recommend Classical Baby 3-Pack – Music, Art & Dance.

My son loves Classical Baby: The Art Show so much, that on a recent visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC he recognized this painting by Mary Cassatt and was THRILLED.

Little did I know when I bought those DVDs that it would help my baby appreciate The Met!

3 thoughts on “Best Baby DVDs”

  1. ooh! We have those, too! P got them as a baby gift from some Chicago cousins. We don’t watch them very often, but she loves them, too and I love the music and all the animals they show. Plus she loves to point and say ba ba to the little baby.

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