Batter Blaster…

I seriously don’t know what to make of this:

Batter Blaster

It’s organic pancake batter in a whip cream type can.  I have confirmed that they are now BPA-free cans, but I just really am confused about how I feel about this product.  The name itself is pretty funny and I’m always happy to see a convenient way to eat organic food, but isn’t half the fun of having pancakes actually whisking up the batter?  It also breaks the Food Rule of  “only consume what your great grandmother would recognize as food.”

I don’t want to be negative here so I have no choice but to try this product and report back…

I welcome any of your thoughts on this!

4 thoughts on “Batter Blaster…”

  1. I actually picked this up from our grocery store one day while shopping for a camping trip. I didn’t notice that it said ‘organic’ until I got home, so that was a bonus. I purchased it merely out of convenience and the pancakes were not bad at all. But it wasn’t until after the trip that I brought it home and thought about the waste of the packaging (we can’t recycle cans like that in our community) and wondered how funny it was that an ‘organic’ batter came in an aerosol-looking can. It reminds me to be even more aware of what I pick up in the store.

  2. it’s delicious! and, so easy, since it takes no time. super deelish w/ organic blueberries or dark chocolate chips added! 🙂 we had it for breakfast at the farmer’s wife bach party, since we had to feed a bunch of girls, and it was AWESOME!

  3. We LOVE Batter Blaster. Makes great WAFFLES too!

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