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roasting s'mores with kids

Tonight we walked to an event in extremely cold weather- cold for anywhere, but frigid for Austin, TX…especially when two days ago we were playing outside in 85 degree heat.

It was 36 degrees, windy and kind of sleeting. Having lived in New York City for many winters, I actually enjoyed walking briskly in the cold, totally wrapped from head to toe- complete with my floor length wool coat.

My kids were in a bit of shock. We had them bundled up like crazy- my 5 year old in three layers, a down coat, hat, scarf, gloves and a blanket. My two year old had a snow suit layer, fleece lined jeans, a ski coat, gloves, and was tucked inside the JJ Cole BundleMe. Poor child was actually hot.

I don’t mind the cold when I’m prepared for it, and tonight we were prepared. As we were watching a Texas band play Christmas music, my husband leaned over to me and said that our two year old had become a side show with his blue stroller and sleeping bag. It was true- several people stopped us and told us they liked his “sleeping bag” and wished they were in it.

Stokke Stroller

So whenever lots of people talk about stuff we are using, I have to share.

This information is nothing new to those living in walkable cities in the northeast, as pretty much anyone with a baby has one. I’m talking about the JJ Cole BundleMe. Yes, it looks like a sleeping bag, and it keeps baby (or toddler- I have a BIG two year old who fits in it nicely, with room to spare) super warm and cozy. It fits over car seats and strollers with slots for the straps to easily slip through.

So if you live in a warm climate and you’ll be traveling somewhere cold this winter, this is for you. Or if you live in a cold climate and will soon have your first baby and don’t know what you need to keep baby warm, this is for you too. Or if you lived in Hawaii when you had your first baby and have recently moved to Elizabethtown, KY, and have a newborn and are facing 26 degree weather, this is for you.



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