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Easy Fall Craft Kids Love

I am not crafty, but am always amazed at how little it takes for kids to get excited about doing an “art and craft.”

I feel like Emmett when he has that great idea to save the world in the Lego movie and says, “Okay…Somebody get me some markers…Some construction paper…And some GLITTER GLUE!!!”

So here’s a fun fall activity that you might have thought of yourself or visited a pumpkin patch where the kids beg to do it-

Decorate a pumpkin!

pumpkin craft


-Buy some small pumpkins at the grocery.

-Gather up your glue, glitter, paint, markers, stickers, or whatever you have on hand.

-Let the kids have fun!

Above it was very simple and we used yarn for hair and markers but we usually get crazy and use paint, glue, glitter, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, jewels, macaroni, etc.

The kids absolutely love it.