Caught in the Act!

crackers for toddlers


I didn’t  give my 13 month old the cracker he was “asking” for, so he pushed a chair over to the counter, climbed up, and helped himself to it.

Two of our main objectives as parents- teaching problem solving and self-reliance- on full display.

And as for his incognito style…he has his brother to thank for that.

I love this age.

One thought on “Caught in the Act!”

  1. I love the problem solving and self-reliance we make room for when we don’t give kids everything they ask for.

    I’ve also noticed in terms of food that if you don’t put it out, kids seem to come around looking for it. Makes so much more sense than putting out these big meals and having that power struggle with picky eaters who love to say “no”. Supply/demand type thing.

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