Citrus Time!

We recently harvested the tangerines we have been watching grow since February. In fact, growing our own tangerines has given me so much more appreciation for all citrus fruits. It takes FOREVER for the fruit to grow and ripen. It’s particularly hard for the little hands in my family not to pick these fruit before they are ready, and it has become a lesson in patience.

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November through April is the best time to enjoy citrus fruits- colder months are when they are naturally in season.

Before a time when all fruits were available at all times in all seasons at the grocery store, citrus fruits were only available during the winter and they were considered a special treat. My dad remembers how exciting it was to find an orange in his stocking on Christmas morning.

citrus time

One tangerine has 87% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful immune system booster, helps prevent colds, and may prevent recurrent ear infections.

No wonder they are in season during the winter!

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