You Don’t Have to Count Calories

You don’t have to count calories, as long as you’re eating food.  Real, natural, as close to the way it exists in nature, preferably organic, food.  Seriously.  People are often surprised by what kind of food my family eats since my husband is a personal trainer, fitness model and Men’s Health Magazine contributor. We always say- you can eat whatever you like, as long as it’s good quality.  Yes, you can have burgers and ice cream and chocolate and fries.  Yes, you can have pizza and pasta and pancakes. In fact, we’ve had all of these things in the last week!  Just shop at a natural market, and buy real food. If you make it yourself, you have control over the ingredients.  You can make everything you love from whole organic ingredients.  Listen to your body- eat when you’re hungry,  take time to chew each bite thoroughly, and stop when you’re full.  If you are eating real, whole food, you will feel totally nourished and stay satisfied longer.    burger

A recent dinner of ours: grass fed beef burgers on ezekiel bread with olive oil mayo,  swiss chard sauteed in coconut oil and sprinkled with sea salt, and baked organic sweet potato fries- with organic ketchup of course!   Does that look like a restrictive, boring, taste-free meal?

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  1. I forgot to add organic lettuce, tomato and organic raw cheese!

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