Drowning in Bags

Every time I open my coat closet door, I am attacked by bags- you know, the ones we are supposed to take with us when we shop. Today during nap time I decided to do something about it. After all, if I’m going to help the environment I should also clean up mine.

Time to organize!

As I pulled them out of the closet, I envisioned a clown car or Mary Poppins purse as more and more and more came tumbling out.  I couldn’t believe the collection we’d gathered, so I counted them.


Yes, 43 of those (space) suckers in my closet.


That doesn’t count the ones I have stashed in my trunk or diaper bag, the ones I’ve given away, or the ones that were stolen on 57th St. in NYC as my husband helped unload the CSA truck. And guess how many of these bags I’ve paid for?  3.

That means the rest were free- handed out at green fairs, wellness expos, Big City Moms events, store promotions, etc. etc. and etc.

In an effort to reduce waste and get rid of plastic bags, an entirely new industry has been created. And one that is a marketer’s dream, as we walk around the store and streets giving their products free advertising.

I checked the label on about 10 of these bags and they were all made in China. One has to wonder, how much waste was created in the manufacturing and processing of these bags? Were they shipped out in plastic bags?

And as I’m tempted to toss a few of these I wonder, how many of these cloth bags are now littering our landfills, taking up even more space?

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