Great Gift Idea- An Indoor Swing!

I have two boys, and we spends tons of time outside at playgrounds and parks, on trails, looking at sticks, collecting rocks, swinging, running, jumping.
But even when they are inside, they need to move. So we found the perfect solution.

This swing from Gorilla Gym meets our indoor active needs completely.
It easily hangs on a door jamb and holds up to 300 lbs. Yes, I swing occasionally while holding a child.

There are attachments for a trapeze bar, climbing rope, ladder and rings.

This was my two year old’s Christmas present last year, and is the one thing that has been used every single day by both boys (6 and 3.) and all of their friends think they are extra cool because they have a swing in the living room!

I can’t find this brand on Amazon anymore, but here is one that looks comparable:
Indoor Trapeze Bar and Swing Set for Kids – Perfect Rainy Day Activity

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