Happy Halloween!

I have so many great memories of Halloweens past.
My mom and I were talking about it the other day and came to the conclusion that my parents always made our costumes… and that was part of the fun- deciding what to be, and then seeing what they could come up with.

My sisters and I always gave them a challenge! But every year, we had the best costumes.

It only makes sense that someone who chose to dress up as candy not once but twice for Halloween would grow up to be a health and nutrition counselor.

The first time I was a Snickers bar, and the next year I was a bag of M&Ms.

How great is that? The attention to detail was incredible- it even had the Mars copyright symbol in the corner and the shiny look of the brown package.   I still remember watching my dad draw out the design and  my mom cut the felt and sew it together.  Oh, and we were always allowed to wear make-up on Halloween, regardless of whether or not our costume called for it- thus my fully made-up face. Did I have the greatest parents or what? I can’t remember what year this was, but considering my full arm of friendship bracelets, I think I was in about 6th grade.

Will you be making your little one’s costumes this year? Do you have a favorite costume from your childhood? Please tell me about it!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. i knew this was the picture I’d see when I clicked over! hope you all have a great halloween!

  2. Thank you! I made my son’s this year too- Luke Skywalker…all out of clothes he can wear time and time again.

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