Hardworking Honey Bee

We recently happened upon a reading of Hardworking Honey Bee: An Aromatherapy Book for Sleepytime by the author Tiffany Briggs at our local Barnes and Noble. This sweet story follows a day in the life of a delightfully illustrated honey bee.

The illustrator, Liz Guenthner, was also there and she taught the children how to draw honey bees. I might be slightly biased, but this one was my favorite:

b'sbee (2)

An added bonus, this book is Scratch and Sniff! And not just any scratch and sniff- the scents are made from essential oils. Each time the scents are scratched, tiny amounts of these therapeutic oils are released- scents such as chamomile and lavender that encourage calmness and comfort, and promote relaxation and peaceful sleep. What a perfect book for bedtime!

Hardworking Honey Bee is great for those of us who encounter bees on a daily basis. Living in Austin, we are used to seeing bees everywhere at all times of the year. This book gives us a new perspective on these sweet little buzzing creatures and reminds me to be thankful for them (not worried they will sting us.)

I love books that prompt questions and discussions after we read them, and we are still talking about things from this book. Such as how much we love honey. My three year old reminded me how he loves to put it on his almond butter sandwiches. My 6 year old tells me daily how spring is his favorite season because “I love flowers.” They both made the connection that we would have neither without these pollinators.

There is more to learn in the back of the book, details about the olfactory system and aromatherapy. Also there are descriptions of types of bees and a little about Colony Collapse Disorder.

As you will read in the book- “bees do a lot more than just make honey; they help feed our entire planet. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and flowers all depend on pollination from hardworking honey bees.”

I encourage you to get a copy of this book!

***For more about the author and illustrator, bees and aromatherapy, check out their website:



2 thoughts on “Hardworking Honey Bee”

  1. I love this, and I love bees! Thank you for the great rec.

  2. We started beekeeping last year on our homestead. They are fascinating creatures.

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