Ask Holly: How much is too much coconut water?

Hi Holly,

I am giving my son coconut water to drink every day as he seems to prefer it to water. (We live in Thailand so it’s available at every corner and fresh) He drinks app. the content of 1 coconut per day. I worry that he is getting too much sugar from it and if that much sweet liquid is not good for his teeth. Thank you for your answer!
p.s. besides that he still drinks milk formula

Katarina O.

Hi Katarina!

Thanks for your question- this is a good one. Technically coconut water is juice and pediatricians recommend no more than 4-6 ounces of juice a day for one year olds.

A young coconut can contain anywhere from 10 to 33 ounces of water. So try to limit your child’s intake of coconut water to 6 ounces and keep offering him plain water.

Another option is to dilute it with regular water- that way he still gets the flavor of the coconut but is consuming less sugar.
That’s great that he’s enjoying such a healthy beverage! Keep up the good work mama!

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  1. My daughter is 8mos. old, takes most of her nourishment from her formula (she went on BF strike at 3mos), and also eats pureed fruits/veggies. I know her formula contains many of the nutrients she needs, but how much coconut water can I safely give her as an immune booster in the winter and not overload her on potassium, sodium, etc? I know coconut water is very high in potassium and I wanted to make sure she only gets the right amount…

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