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Hey Holly! Thank you so much for the wonderful info! I have 5 month old twin boys and we are starting the adventure into solid foods. I have just started them on cereal for now. I purchased the book “Super Baby Food” and am wanting to make my own food. I wanted to know what you thought of the book and also what you use to store your homemade baby food in. Everything I have seen is plastic. I know you can get some that are bpa free, but I didn’t know if you knew of something better. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron is a wonderful book- I’m so glad you found it! It is a terrific resource, as she encourages all organic homemade food for baby. She claims her children rarely get sick because of the super baby food they eat! You can also look up individual fruits and vegetables and see when to introduce them, as well as individual nutrients and what to serve if your baby is deficient in any area. Yaron also gives practical tips on food preparation and storage. The only thing I disagree with is her recommendation to use the microwave, however I understand we do live in a busy world and in reality many people need to nuke food to save time. I applaud you for taking the time to make your babies food, especially since you have twins! This book will be a great guide for you. And for non plastic options for food storage, check out I like the three tiered stainless steel container. After I prepare food for my baby, I immediately put some in each compartment and “stick it in the fridge.” The next day, I grab it as I’m walking out the door and I have 3 servings of yummy fruits, veggies and/or grains for baby. Today he’ll be eating quinoa blended with beets, zuchini, swiss chard and garlic for lunch at the park, and sweet peas for his snack. He loves it! Super baby food indeed!

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