It’s Been a Big Week!

We have had an exciting few days around here…

We took the training wheels off of my 4 year old’s bike, and he climbed up on it and just started riding. As if he’d been riding it without training wheels his whole life. We were absolutely amazed, and by the end of the hour he was doing various “tricks” such as standing up while pedaling, spinning out, and creating skid marks. I had no idea it would be so easy, but this proves the theory that the balance bike is the best way to teach kids how to ride a bicycle.

As for my baby (who turned 2 in June) he is now potty trained! That also happened in a matter of days, and was his idea. One day a couple of weeks ago he simply refused to wear diapers- probably because of how uncomfortable they are in the unbearable heat. When I say refused, I mean that I even had to sneak a diaper on him after he went to sleep. So, I explained to him that if he wasn’t wearing a diaper he had to use the potty, and lo and behold, he got it! I didn’t think he was ready, but he knew he was. He woke up 3 mornings in a row with a dry (snuck-on) diaper, so he now sleeps in underwear. I have 5 packages of unused diapers that are so cute it’s hard not to want to use them.

We’ve entered a new era.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been a Big Week!”

  1. Yes-I’m kind of shocked. He just runs into the bathroom, takes his bottoms off, and goes. Then announces it from the potty. Another thing he yells is, “I need to go privacy mommy.” It is hilarious.

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