Locks of Love

I have really long hair…

locks of love

Pregnancy hormones reduce the amount of hair loss during  a normal growth cycle. Then, a few months post delivery the extra hair you accumulated over the course of your pregnancy all falls out.

I am currently in that stage.

Since my hair is so long, it is everywhere. I sweep and vacuum and roomba up hair all day everyday it seems. (When I’m not bouncing, rocking, nursing, burping, playing, changing, feeding, cooking, wiping, reading or bathing of course.)

When the great hair fall out happened three years ago with my son, I was so frustrated with finding it everywhere- even in his mouth and diaper- I vowed to chop it all off if I ever had another baby.

So here I am.

I’ve decided to cut 10 inches off and donate it to Locks of Love. If not, it will just end up in places I don’t want it, and sweeping up short hair has got to be easier. I would not normally draw attention to a donation, but if I write about it here, I have to do it. I need the accountability.

I have a bit of a  Samson complex when it comes to my hair, and fear I will lose my powers if I cut it off. I suppose this stems from the fact that I paid my rent with money I earned from doing hair commercials for over 6 years, and what if Pantene calls again and I’ve chopped it off?

Holly Schenck hair cmmercial
Don't you look smart.

This is clearly a worry I needn’t have. For one thing, I am a full time mom now, and even if they did call I would not have time to shoot the commercial. For another, every model in hair commercials these days has a head full of hair extensions.

So I will put my hair in a pony tail, measure 10 inches, lop it off, and send it in. I will not complain or regret my choice, knowing my hair will be used in a hairpiece for a little girl in need, and not on my bathroom floor.

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  1. Do it!!! You’re awesome. 🙂

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