The other day when I was shopping at a very well known national health food store, I asked the woman in the dairy department if they had any non-homogenized milk.  “You mean non-pasteurized?” She asked me…”No, I mean non-homogenized.”  She gave me serious attitude and said- “We don’t carry that kind of milk here.”  As if I was asking for poison!  This made me think that if the woman in the dairy department of a huge grocery store doesn’t know the difference between non-homogenized and non-pasteurized, maybe I should help clear things up.  Non-homogenized is milk that is non-processed and will separate- the cream will rise to the top when left alone.  Non-pasteurized milk is raw milk…milk that hasn’t been heated (which is done so that any potentially harmful bacteria can be killed.)  If you buy milk for your family, try to find it non-homogenized…it’s much better for you.  Your body is better able to process milk in its unprocessed state.

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