New Mama Toolkit- Sponsored Post

The first few weeks post partum are bliss, unconditional love, joy, wonder, and awe combined with exhaustion, anxiety and discomfort.The reason behind the bliss, love and joy needs no explanation, but as for the others:

Exhaustion due to recovering from giving birth, the constant demands of new tiny human and the infamous sleepless nights-I remember my mom saying, “Don’t worry, he’ll start sleeping better in about four months.” What? Did I really have it in me to make it four more months without sleeping through the night? Yet somehow we all adapt and discover how much we actually can function on no sleep. Here I am almost five years after the birth of my first child, and I have not had a full 8 hours straight since then.

Anxiety because I wondered if I was doing everything right or if I was doing anything right. Where was this supposed maternal instinct? And then I was constantly watching to make sure the baby was breathing…every time he was asleep- also a contributing factor to my exhaustion- and I still find myself doing it!

Discomfort from nine months of a changing, stretching, growing body, going into labor, giving birth, learning how to breastfeed a new creature, and the hormone surges and dips that can lead to sluggish bowels.

So I’ve created a New Mama Toolkit- things to have on hand at the hospital and for the first few weeks at home that can help alleviate some of these discomforts.

A great breastfeeding pillow that can double as a body pillow- one you can put behind your back, between your legs, or even to prop up your own head. Then, when the baby comes, you’re prepared with a pillow you can nurse him on. This will take some of the strain off of your already aching body.

A comfortable nightgown and robe- one that makes you feel good. I chose black so I didn’t have to worry about any possible stains.

Nipple cream, booby tubes, cabbage leaves, a water bottle and a supportive nursing bra to prevent any possible issues with breastfeeding.

As for the constipation, I try to do everything as naturally as I can, and there are ways to relieve constipation during pregnancy and after delivery through nutrition. However I will gladly integrate conventional medicine whenever going the natural route just doesn’t work. (Integrative Mom!)

A few things you can do for sluggish bowels-

1) Take short walks as soon as you can- any movement will help get the bowels moving

2) Eat foods high in fiber

3)Drink plenty of fluids

4) Ask your doctor about taking a stool softener (Absolutely imperative if you are pregnant or breast feeding) a great one to try is DulcoEase® Pink™

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stool softener during pregnancy

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Every new mother’s toolkit should include DulcoEase® Pink™, the #1 OB/GYN recommended ingredient* for going #2. So if you are pregnant or breast feeding, ask your doctor if you should think Pink. Find savings on DulcoEase® Pinkat!

*Among stool softener ingredients

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DulcoEase® Pink™. The opinions and text are all mine.