New Use for the Roomba and Other Thoughts from the Week

—I still love my Roomba, and this week I discovered a new use for it- keeping my 2 year old in his chair during dinner.
Since he won’t let his feet touch the ground while the Roomba is in use, I usually turn it on when we leave the house. But since I’m not leaving for 40 days, I ran it during dinner the other night. What do you know! Since he was already in his seat and he refused to touch the ground, he sat with us for the entire meal. I’m totally onto something.

—I am not natural at all costs, which is why I call myself Integrative.  I had yet another case of mastitis, a week after my last bout, and this time when my fever neared 103 degrees and didn’t budge for two days, I called my doc for a prescription for antibiotics.  My natural ways didn’t go out the window though- because this was the first time in exactly six years I had been on antibiotics, I did everything I could to maintain a healthy gut flora and prevent thrush in my newborn.

— Now matter how many minutes of everyday I stare in awe of my rapidly changing and growing children, it never seems like enough and, as hard as I try, I can’t freeze time.

Nobody has ever measurednot even poets, how much the heart can hold.” – Zelda Fitzgerald

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