So They Do “Get It”…

Yesterday morning at breakfast I asked my almost 4 year old a question. He answered the way I expected him to, so I told him- I thought you might say that. I know you pretty well.

“How do you know me, mommy?” He asked.

Because I’ve studied you.

“What does studied mean?”

It means I’ve learned all about you. I’ve been studying you since you were born. I know what you enjoy doing and who you like to play with and what foods you like to eat and I know your favorite color, what makes you happy, and what makes you sad, I know when you’re tired, hungry, excited. I’ve studied you.

To which he replied, “Well I’ve studied you too mommy.”

You have? What is one thing you know about me?

And then my baby boy turned a normal Wednesday morning into one of the greatest moments of my life when he matter-of-factly said through a mouth full of toast and fruit,

“That you love me so much.”

4 thoughts on “So They Do “Get It”…”

  1. Thanks for this story–brought tears to my eyes

  2. Thank you Mia- it brought tears to my eyes too…and it brought tears to my husband’s eyes (and mine again) when I told him the story. That moment made everything I’ve done for the last 4 years feel beyond worth it!

  3. so nice !!

    Can your son give my son lessons on Mommy Appreciation ?

  4. Sure, since your son taught my son mighty machine appreciation! Love!

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