Spring Grocery List

I’ve taken this from Dr. John Douillard’s wonderful website Lifespa.com

Spring Grocery List
By John Douillard, DC, PhD


To Stay Strong and Healthy:

  • During Spring, eat more foods from this list.  Simply circle your favorite foods – and those of anyone you cook for –
    and eat more of those foods.
    *An asterisk means it is best to eat more of this food.
  • Eat more foods that are Pungent (Spicy), Bitter, Astringent / Light, Dry, Warm:  such as flavorful steamed
    veggies, brothy soups, brown rice.
  • Eat less foods that are Sweet, Sour, Salty / Heavy, Cold, Oily:  such as fried foods, ice cream, heavy dairy.
  • Tired?  Schedule an Ayurvedic Consult with Dr. Douillard to treat the root cause of your fatigue, which is different
    for each person.

Daily Routines (Dinacharya) for Spring:

  • Self-massage with warm Lymphatic Massage Oil or raw sesame oil.
  • Three or more times per day practice Bellows Breath:  breathe quickly  and with strength in and out through your nose for 30 seconds while expanding and contracting your diaphragm.  Sit in silence for 1 minute.
  • Exercise in the morning to increase circulation, mood and immunity.
  • Perform Neti by irrigating your nasal passage with warm salt water.  Always follow with Nasya.
  • Perform Nasya by dipping a q-tip in warm Tri-Doshic Massage Oil or warm sesame oil, swirling it inside your nostrils, and inhaling deeply.

Signs of Excess Kapha During Spring:

  • Cold, cough, allergies, congestion, flu, fatigue, depression, weight gain.
  • If you experience some of these signs, schedule a consult with Dr. Douillard and follow the above guidelines for a balanced Spring!






*Alfalfa Sprouts Apples Anise *All Sprouted Beans Alfalfa
Artichokes Blueberries Asafoetida Adzuki *Cardamom
*Asparagus *Dried Fruit (all) Basil Black Gram *Chicory
*Bean Sprouts Grapefruit Bay Leaf Garbanzo *Cinnamon
Beets Lemons, Limes *Black Pepper Fava *Cloves
*Bell Peppers Papayas Chamomile *Goya *Dandelion
*Bitter Melon Pears Caraway *Kidney *Ginger
Broccoli Pomegranates (sour) Cardamom *Lentils *Hibiscus
*Brussels Sprouts Raspberries *Cayenne *Lima *Orange Peel
*Cabbage Strawberries Cinnamon *Mung *Strawberry Leaf
*Carrots All Berries *Clove Split Pea
*Cauliflower Coriander
*Celery Cumin





*Chilies, dried Ghee (moderation) Fennel Chicken Black Tea (moderation)
Cilantro Lowfat yogurt (moderation) Fenugreek Duck (moderation) Coffee (moderation)
*Collard Greens Rice/Soy milk Garlic Eggs (moderation) Water (room temp. to hot)
*Corn *Goat milk Ginger Freshwater fish
*Dandelion Horseradish Lamb (moderation)
*Endive Marjoram Ocean fish (moderation)
Fennel Mustard Turkey
*Garlic Nutmeg
Ginger Oregano
*Green Beans





*Hot Peppers Canola Poppy Seeds Filberts *Honey – Raw
Jicama *Corn Rosemary Pinons Maple Syrup
*Kale Flax Saffron Pumpkin Molasses
Leeks Mustard Sage Sunflower
*Lettuce Safflower Spearmint
*Mushrooms Soy Thyme
*Mustard Greens Sunflower Turmeric



*Onions Amaranth Carob
*Parsley Barley Pickles

*Potatoes, baked Corn
*Radishes Millet
Seaweed Oats, dry

Learn more about the seasonal diet in

“The 3-Season Diet”

by Dr. John Douillard

Snow Peas Quinoa
*Spinach Rice, Brown, long grain
*Swiss Chard Rye

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