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Toddler Teeth Interview with Dr. Ellie Phillips

With the trips, bumps, and falls of toddler years, it’s a miracle their teeth ever come out unscathed. Of course, some don’t- and I know we’ve all heard stories or had personal experience with bleeding gums or chipped teeth.

Factor in the challenge of actually brushing your defiant 2 year old’s teeth and the decay that can sometimes set in, and…thank God for baby teeth! It’s a good thing another set will be replacing these!

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dentist Ellie Phillips about issues facing toddler teeth. Dr. Phillips has been working for 35 years to help people enjoy completely perfect oral health throughout life- in fact, she’s written a book called “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: A Do-It-Yourself Mouth Care System for Healthy, Clean Gums and Teeth.

You don’t want to miss this interview!

It contains invaluable information on the many things we can do to prevent decay, destroy harmful bacteria, and actually heal early cavities.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the questions Dr. Ellie specifically answers:

1. Some of us know how hard it is to battle with a toddler over brushing teeth. If our tooth brushing efforts aren’t perfect, is there anything you recommend to counteract the effects of not removing all of the plaque by brushing alone?

2. What is the most important thing we can do while our children are toddlers to benefit permanent teeth?

3. I know several moms who are doing everything “right”: breastfeeding, feeding their toddlers homemade organic baby food, avoiding sugar and juice, avoiding antibiotic use, and then are shocked to discover early childhood cavities (ecc). Do you have any tips for these moms for things they can do naturally to correct the problems and reverse the decay?

4. Are there any dietary guidelines you believe are “non-negotiable” when it comes to babies and children for the future of their teeth?

She also gives a great tip on what to have your child eat particularly after a sweet indulgence, and tells us what to do during the most crucial time period for our children’s teeth.

These is so much great information in this interview, that I will be posting it as 3 separate posts.


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