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Splish Splash Bathtub Filter Review and Giveaway

Are you a mom who has been very mindful when selecting your baby’s shampoo, body wash and lotion- considering every ingredient and carefully choosing the perfect products?

Have you given as much thought to what’s in the water in which you are bathing your baby?

Our skin is the largest organ. It is very absorbent to everything we soak in and slather on it. It is also our first line of defense in filtering out harmful substances from our bloodstream.

The most harmful substance in our bath water is chlorine.

Chlorine is defined as a pesticide by the EPA since it is used to kill living organisms. It also causes cancer in humans. It is in our drinking water in low doses which is why I drink filtered tap water.

But the scary part is that over 60% of our harmful exposure to chlorine is due to inhalation of steam and skin absorption while showering and bathing.

From the time my baby was born until his first birthday, we lived in a LEED certified green building. Amongst many other amazing eco-amenities, they triple filtered the water that we used for baths and showers, removing most of the chlorine.

When he was one, we moved into a not so green building. Every time I gave my son a bath, I cringed at the heavy smell of chlorine in the bathwater, and noticed how dry his skin felt upon taking him out of the bath.

I resolved the issue by bathing him less. This is really not the best option with a very active toddler who spends most days outdoors and maybe even eats a little dirt.

Then I had another baby and when I put him in the bathtub and smelled the chlorine, I felt I was doing more harm than good.

I recently heard about a product that removes the chlorine from bath water and knew I had to try it. It is called the Splish Splash Bathtub Filter and works by running your bath water over the ball, or swirling it directly in the tub. Sounded easy enough to me!

I contacted New Wave Enviro and they sent me a Splish Splash Bath Filter to try out with my precious babies.

Splish Splash Bathtub Filter Review

It was super easy to use- I just hung it over the faucet and let the water run through it.

bathtub filter

Then I swirled it in the water for a few minutes. Next, I plopped my healthy little giggling dribbling baby boy in the tub. He was a-splishin’ and a-splashin’ and…

His skin felt softer upon exit, but I knew I needed to try it for myself for a true assessment.

It works.

My skin felt the best it has felt in 2+ years. I didn’t feel the need to slather anything on it when I was finished. The bath felt more luxurious too.

Perhaps it was the peace-of-mind I was feeling knowing I wasn’t marinating in chlorine, or maybe it was because I was actually in the bath. (A rub-a-dub, just relaxin’ in the tub)… But I know the filter was doing its job.

Easy to use, and it removes harmful toxins from my baby’s bath? Yes, please!

It retails for$49.99 (a bargain considering it lasts for 200 baths!) and can be purchased at natural food stores nationwide. For store locations, go to www.newwaveenviro.com.


New Wave Enviro will also be giving away a Splish Splash Bathtub Filter to one of my lucky readers (within the continental US).


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Just remember to come back and leave a separate comment for each one you do, and each comment will count as an entry. This giveaway is open to US shipping addresses and will close on Tuesday. March 20th. Random.org will choose the winners, and I will announce them on Wednesday,March 21st.

Good luck!

Thank you New Wave Enviro for making my babies’ bath water safer!