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Best Breastfeeding Pillow!

I can’t let World Breastfeeding week go by without mentioning my absolute favorite breastfeeding “accessory.”

The Nesting Pillow – Organic Nursing Pillow with Washable Slip Cover

BN ad 180x

The Nesting Pillow by The Blessed Nest.

This is THE BEST nursing pillow on the market. I say this for many reasons, and here are my top 3:

  • It’s made of organic cotton, and filled with organic buckwheat. Need I say more? No, but I will: most nursing pillows are doused in flame-retardant chemicals and made with synthetic fillers and materials. Your newborn baby will be nestled up to this many times per day, with her nose mere centimeters from the toxins. Have you considered that?
  • It does not have to strap on or “clip on” to your body. Great for moms of all sizes, and those who don’t want to feel restricted while breastfeeding. This non-rigid design also means you can use it before the baby comes as a body pillow, can use it to nurse your baby long past the newborn stage, and a toddler can use it to lounge on…
  • It is great for travel! I take mine on the plane, and it serves as a great “bed” for my baby to nap on (on my lap) during the flight. Hmm, laying on a blissfully comfortable organic, eco-friendly and familiar pillow, or laying on the metal seatbelt??? What would your baby choose?