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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

You might want to pass this post along to the one who will be buying you a gift…I’ve decided all moms, especially ones with newborns, need a Kindle- the Amazon book reader.

There are 2 main reasons for this:

1. When my new baby napped in my arms is when I finally had the time to read The Baby Book and The No Cry Sleep Solution, and all the rest of my untouched books on my nightstand…but after I figured out how to balance those huge books on my lap without disturbing baby,  inevitably the minute I would turn the page the crackling noise of the paper would wake him.  How was I ever going to learn how to put him down to sleep if I couldn’t get past the first page of the book without waking him? Even when I discovered the quietest way to turn the page, the awkward way I had to position my arms and crane my neck left me uncomfortable and hardly able to focus on my reading material. The Kindle changed things- the pages turn with the silent press of a button, and it weighs next to nothing. (Also a plus, since you can throw it in your diaper bag without taking up precious space.)

2. It holds over a thousand books. This is important because as you’ll soon see your bookshelf will be completely taken over and crowded out by copies of Happy Baby: 123, Dinosaur Roar, etc etc etc…so you’ll have no room for books of your own- problem solved with your new digital book!

You can also adjust the font size if you’re reading in a dimly lit room- key during naptime…

I was a reluctant convert, because I LOVE books so much, specifically the physicality of them. I thought a digital reader would somehow take away the magic…but there were books I wanted to read, and it doesn’t matter how much I love them if I never have a chance to read! My husband, knowing I was on the fence about it, bought me a Kindle as a gift so I had to try it. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it, how “real book” it seemed, and how much reading I actually got to do!

You can also subscribe to the Integrative Mom blog on your Kindle, and every time I post something new, you can read it there!