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Ask Holly: Is Gluten Unhealthy?

Given that barley is high in gluten, does that make it unhealthy? I made a delicious pot of barley and immune-boosting vegetables for my daughter, but I’m confused about what’s wrong with gluten? THANK YOU!



Hi Sarah,

Gluten is a protein found in grains, and it is only “bad for you” if you have a sensitivity or allergy to it.  Most people have symptoms and know they have a health issue they can’t identify.  For these people, it’s wise to try cutting out gluten to see if the symptoms go away.  Some of these symptoms are:  digestive disorders like excess gas, bloating and IBS,   Frequent colds and bronchitis, unexplained infertility, fatigue,  and seasonal allergies.  If you and your family aren’t experiencing any of these things, you don’t need to avoid gluten.