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Ask Holly: Finger Foods?

Dear Holly,
I have been very nervous about starting my baby on finger foods. She is 9 months old and does not have any teeth yet. I make all her food (though have succumbed to mum-mum’s as a snack) and try to only give her organic, unprocessed foods. Do you have a suggestion for snacks I can give my daughter, that she can safely feed to herself? Thank you!
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Cheers for Oatios

I’ve been trying to find the perfect finger food to help my baby develop his pincer grasp. Everything I tried- banana, cucumber strips, scrambled egg yolk, grated carrot, halved grapes and blueberries, the list goes on- seemed more frustrating than helpful. It was so slippery he couldn’t get his fingers around the pieces, and I realized while trying to clean off his highchair that I couldn’t even pick any of the pieces up, and I’ve been using my pincers for decades! Of course I am of the “avoid packaged food” mindset, but here’s where being integrative comes in. Continue reading Cheers for Oatios