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Eggs-in-a-hole Recipe

My boys have been eating eggs and toast every morning for breakfast since they were about one year old.

Lately, they have been snubbing this protein packed breakfast. I’m not sure why (probably because it’s getting boring?) so I had to mix things up a bit.

One little change, and now they love their old standby breakfast again.

james cagney eggs

How to make Eggs-in-a-hole:

-punch holes out of bread using a glass or fun cookie cutter (extra points!)

-heat about a tablespoon of grassfed butter in a skillet over medium heat

-put bole-y bread in the skillet

-when butter sizzles, crack an eggs into the hole

-let it cook until the egg is partially set, then use a spatula to quickly and carefully flip it over.

-Cook it about one more minute on the other side, depending on your egg-yolk runniness preference

-sprinkle lightly with salt- my favorite is Maldon sea salt

As an added treat, I serve the punched out circles with almond butter, apple butter or jam on the side.

Serve and enjoy!

kid friendly breakfast