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Kismet Day Bag

I haven’t used this glorious bag until now because it was my sample and I wanted it to look absolutely perfect in all of my Noonday Collection shows. This bag will not be carrying over into our fall line which launches August 7th, so I decided to start using it. I love this bag. It is the best.

holly shore noonday collection

It is the perfect size and completely comfortable to wear. Today I carried around my kids’ lunch, a bottle of water, Vogue and Lucky magazines, a Noonday Collection look book, a change of clothes for each child, my wallet, my awesome Microsoft Windows phone, my keys, a scrunchie (so happy the scrunchie is back!) and 4 or 5 lips glosses.

Have I mentioned my love for this bag? Lately I have been using 2 or 3 different bags just to haul all of the stuff a busy mom needs to tote about town. Not any more! I think it would also make a great diaper bag. I had lots of room for more- had I needed diapers, wipes, cream, it would have all fit!

So if you’re in the market for the perfect sized bag, one that will go with anything, is hand made with love in India, complete with hot pink seed beads, look no further.

You must have the Kismet Day Bag.
But don’t wait too long- since it is not carrying over into the fall line, once these beauties sell out, they’re gone.