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Santa brought me the best Christmas present ever this year.  Seriously- I have told anyone who will listen about this thing.  I haven’t been this excited about a Santa gift since I got my first Cabbage Patch Kid.  Does that get my point across?

I got a Roomba!  If you’ve seen these in the stores and wondered if they work, I am here to tell you that not only do they work, but they are awesome!  The first time I ran mine, I had mopped and vacuumed the floor about 3 days earlier.  When the cleaning cycle was over, I was shocked at how full the dust tray was!  Shocked, but also very happy that this device picks up every speck of microscopic dust in is path.  It goes around table legs, onto carpet from wood floors and vice versa, under sofas, and in and out of all the rooms.  All with the push of a button.  As we all know, life with children can make for some very dirty floors.  Now my floor is always crumb free.  I wish I had this when my son was 6 weeks old and the only thing that would soothe him was the sound of the vacuum cleaner.  As I sat bouncing him on the stability ball, with the vacuum buzzing loudly next to us, I often thought to myself, “too bad it’s just sitting there and not actually vacuuming my floors!”  If I’d had the Roomba then, I’d be multitasking like crazy!  Now the only issue I have is that my toddler is scared to death of it.  He thinks it’s an alien invasion or something- I’m not sure, but he is definitely suspect.  No problem though- I run it when we go to bed at night, or while we’re out, and I come home to fresh, spotless floors.

I think every mom needs one.

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