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So I recently woke up with that feeling and I knew from past experience what was happening. I was feeling the beginning signs and symptoms of mastitis- aka breast inflammation.

If caught early enough, it can be safely treated at home without the use of antibiotics, and since I had it 5 times while breastfeeding my first born I have experience doing this.

I never had to take an antibiotic for mastitis in the past, but since it’s been over 2.5 years I had to search my own website for what I to self treat this condition.

This time I followed all of my suggestions, got out my booby tubes:
Booby Tubes

and added one new thing.

The best breastfeeding book I’ve read recommends taking echinacea, so I found an herbal supplement by Wish Garden called Happy Ducts which contains it and lots of other healing herbs. 

Thankfully I had a bottle on hand, because the symptoms come on so quickly and time is “of the essence.”  It’s worth ordering a bottle to have just in case you need it.

After serious rest, nursing and all of my natural remedies I nipped that mastitis in the bud!