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Life After a Food Strike

I’ve heard so many moms say that their toddler used to eat really well, until she got sick and then they “lost her to sugar”  or he wouldn’t eat anything while teething, and then he became really picky.  After hearing this over and over, I just expected it to happen.  Sure enough, one day he just stopped wanting to eat anything.  Then I realized he was getting molars- no fun at all.  Now at this point I had a theory to prove- I could just give him junk knowing that no child would turn down sugar or fried food no matter how bad he feels.  “At least he’s eating something,” right?  Or I could trust he is instinctively doing what his body needs to feel better and keep offering him nutritious foods, hoping that he will resume eating them when he’s ready.  I’m so glad I did this!  The report?  The molars are in, and this week he has eaten wild Alaskan salmon, quinoa, kale, broccoli, blueberries, dark chocolate, an orange, brown rice pasta with turkey bolognese, sprouted bread, organic spelt pretzels, whole wheat tortillas, strawberries, broccoli water, vegetable soup, sweet potato black bean burger, scrambled eggs, an apple, herbal tea,barley, kasha, oatmeal, lots and lots of hummus, salsa, a pear, guacamole, sweet potato hash browns with onions, raisins, Plum Organics Fingerfuls, goji berries, unsweetened local organic yogurt with brewer’s yeast, a blueberry bran muffin, fresh squeezed orange juice, potato curry soup, corn bread, and bacon.

Whew!  All that in the last 5 days and this doesn’t even include his daily smoothie!  I’m glad I kept a food journal so I could share this list with you.  Hopefully this will encourage you if you’re in the midst of a food-strike, mono-diet, teething, or cold.  There IS hope- try not to give in to the temptation of feeding him candy or sweets or chicken nuggets just so he’ll eat something.  Our job is to offer a variety of healthy, nutritious meals and snacks to our children at regular intervals throughout the day.  They won’t starve.  If this is the food that’s served to them (without the option of junk!) they will eat it, and perhaps even enjoy it!