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Seriously??? Embalmed Baby Clothes…

Have you ever wondered why some tags on clothes say, “wash before wearing?” Well I’m sure you already pre-wash all of the clothes you put on your baby, but I just want to make sure you know why it’s so important to continue…because they are most likely treated with formaldehyde. Yes, this is true. A known carcinogen is used on our baby’s (and kid’s and our) clothes as a mildew resistant, especially if they will be shipped long distances to the stores. Whoa. This makes me think twice about buying “cheap” clothes even though babies and kids outgrow them so fast. The best way to avoid this toxic substance which will be close to your baby’s skin and nasal passages is to buy organic clothing or clothing made in Europe, and accept hand-me-downs (the chemicals will have worn off a little by the time you get them). This is one more area where we can vote with our dollar- I’m sure if this information were on the clothing labels many people would not buy the clothes resulting in manufacturers having to change their practices, so let’s get the word out. Call companies, ask questions, write letters, buy organic and create change!
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