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The World of Peter Rabbit

Have I ever mentioned my love for Beatrix Potter and all things Peter Rabbit? If not, there is no time like spring and Easter!

A reader recently wrote asking for my favorite books for toddlers and preschoolers.

I have a huge list, and one I will compile soon, but the 23 books in the collection of The World of Peter Rabbit are probably my favorite.

I love them for the way Beatrix Potter uses big words children enjoy such as “superfluous” and “hospitable.” Her way with words continues to delight children over 100 years after she wrote them. My boys savor the illustrations and the description of the animals. I love that Peter’s mother gives him chamomile tea at bedtime and that Benjamin Bunny’s mother sells spices and rabbit tobacco (lavender). I love the size of the books- perfect for little hands, and I love the timelessness of these stories.

We all adore the two bad mice.

Here is my complete collection of Beatrix Potter books from when I was a little girl.

Complete beatrix potter collectiopn


I have such sweet memories of my parents reading these to me.

P.S. Beatrix Potter’s life was fascinating.  There was a film based on it that came out a few years ago- Miss Potter – about her struggle for love, happiness and success. Check it out if you love a good biopic!