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The Power of Positive Thinking (to help me fall asleep!)

Last night I had a horrible dream-  I won’t recount the details, but I think it had something to do with this article I just read in Parents magazine about Parents Who Change the World.

While I know it’s important to be aware of the multitude of dangers that lurk around every corner while we are raising our children, I really don’t think it should affect me to the point of waking me up in the middle of the night.  After all, who of us, by worrying, can add a single hour to our lives?

After I woke and was completely relieved to find my sweet son sleeping soundly, I had the hardest time falling back to sleep because the dream rattled me so much.   In that moment I decided to change my thought pattern and began reflecting on anything positive I could.

I found myself thinking about all of the things I have learned since my baby turned into a toddler…random things that no one  could have predicted, but all things that bring little joys throughout my day.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • How fast my reflexes are!  I’ve saved many a carpet from spilled drinks and food, stopped flying objects from hitting me in the face,  and rerouted heads that were on a crash course with a table corner.
  • How much I love spotting construction vehicles on the street.  Whether it’s a cement truck, excavator, bulldozer, grader, forklift, crane or bobcat-all words I didn’t even know a couple of years ago- I love them. after all, we love what who we love loves  (say that three times fast) and my son LOVES him some road work!
  • Bugs and their little worlds are really fascinating and I can spend hours with my son studying their comings and goings.
  • Bees really aren’t that scary
  • How fun public transportation is
  • That I really need to learn everything about everything because “Why Mommy?” Is his favorite question, and I hear it about 400 times per day.

Taking my mind off of the things I can’t control and reflecting on things that make me happy was exactly what I needed to sleep like a baby.

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What are some of your favorite things you’ve learned since becoming a mother?