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Wine All You Want


Ok, not really- we must be sensible about such things.  But a recent New York Times article showed that women who drink gain less weight.  I have my own theory as to why this is true.  Women who drink wine are satisfying their craving for sweet flavor with the sugar in alcohol, whether they know it or not.  We all desire sweet food, which is good because in nature the healthiest foods with the most nutrients are naturally sweet.  So while a glass of wine can be one way to meet this craving, there are many other ways.  Eat sweet vegetables like yams, onions, carrots, squash and turnips, all kinds of fruit and whole grains.  You can also use honey, maple syrup and agave nectar to sweeten things up.

Also, if you’re trying to conceive, it would be wise to completely avoid alcohol.  I once appeared in an article for Men’s Health Magazine holding a glass of wine, and the title was, “Let Her Wine All She Wants.”  The article cited studies proving that even one glass of wine a week decreases fertility.  Their point was- “Dude, if you don’t want her to get pregnant, she should drink!”  I wish I still had that magazine article- it would be so fun to scan in to show you…