Where’s Waldo? At a Local Business Near You

I loved searching for Waldo when those books hit the shelves back in 1987.

This month, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved traveler, over 250 independent bookstores across the country are hosting a real life Where’s Waldo hunt.

The way it works is that participating localbusinesses have a 6 inch cardboard cutout of Waldo hidden somewhere in the store. When your child finds it he or she is given an “I spotted Waldo at _____________” card.



On August 4th, the bookstore host will have a big Waldo party with prizes and an appearance by Waldo himself.

The marketing behind this is genius. Even though we make every effort to support all things local, this hunt has taken us to 6 businesses so far that we’ve previously not been to- and purchased something at each. We are having a blast.

My son wakes up every day asking if we can “go find Waldo today”, and I love seeing the excitement on his face when he spots him. He’s learned a bit about determination too- as it took us 45 minutes to find him in one particularly Waldo-esque store.¬† But I really don’t know who is having more fun- me or my 3 year old.

Check out your local bookstore and see if your city is taking part. You have two more weeks to join the fun!

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