Angry Birds Birthday Party

One morning a couple of months ago, I woke up to this:
diy party bags for angry birds birthday
My 3 year old son and his daddy had found a free printable for Angry Birds party favor bags, and he declared he wanted an Angry Birds party for his 4th birthday.

So I got to work planning!

There are official Angry Birds party supplies on the market, but we wanted to make most of the decorations and throw in a few store bought accents.

Blue is my son’s favorite color, so we used the blue bird as the main color, and played off of that.

Since we are part Hawaiian, island style always makes an appearance somehow, some way, at our parties. Using cups with a beach scene, my son put Angry Birds stickers on them. Some were surfing, some flying- all were after pigs.

diy anry birds party

My son said the one thing he wanted at his party was party hats. So using the Angry Birds balloons printable, we made hats!

DIY angry birds birthday party hats

And of course, the favor bags that started it all:
diy angry birds birthday party

Inside the bags:

  • Build your own birdhouse

paint your own birdhouses

  • Slingshot (the parents LOVE me)
  • Bag of organic gummy worms with a “Thanks for crashing my party” favor tag

diy angry birds party

  • Snack pack of Angry Birds graham crackers. Not organic, but whole grain, all natural, no artificial colors, trans fat, or high fructose corn syrup- go Kraft!

diy angry birds birthday

  • Bird whistles, which I know made all the kids’ parents love me even more!

favors for angry birds birthday party


What to do at the party?

This is a 4th birthday party, and lots of the kids on the invite list are younger than that, so we decided to have two main activities:

A Golden Egg Hunt and a Life size Angry Birds Game.

I filled golden eggs with stickers of birds, and my son “hid” them everywhere. The toddlers who found them enjoyed opening and closing the eggs, while the stickers entertained the 3 and 4 year olds.

angry birds birthday party activity

The highlight of the party was the life sized Angry Birds game. I ordered Giant Building Blocks and then decorated some red and blue playground balls to resemble Angry Birds. (I know we could have made our own using cardboard boxes and covering or painting them, but I decided these sturdy blocks could be used well after the party for fort building and other imaginative play. Plus they are made in the USA of recycled materials.)

The kids enjoyed building castles with the blocks as much as they enjoyed crashing them down with the balls.

giant building blocks for angry birds game

I bought lime green favor boxes and turned them into pigs using the Angry Birds printable template.

And no party of mine is complete without a playlist! Check out the music we had for the birds.

What to eat at an Angry Birds party?

  • Pigs in a blanket
  • “Bird Nest” mini quiches
  • Watermelon cubes assembled like an Angry Birds scene- My mom did an awesome job creating the Angry Birds scene inside the watermelon!

  • Caterpillar grapes- My son’s two wonderful grandmas skewered 4 grapes on popsicle sticks and then grandaddy drew eyes on one of the grapes with a food grade marker. His party was a family affair!

angry birds party food ideas

What about the cake?

I found tons of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cakeball ideas, but they all seemed too labor intensive. My sister gave me the idea of a dirt cake-   brilliant!

I decided on individual dirt cakes, with a gummy worm coming out of each one.

I found the easiest yet tastiest recipe and converted all of the ingredients to make it all natural and as organic as possible.

Individual Natural Dirt Cakes Recipe

My 3 year old helped me with every bit of the party, from shopping for supplies to cutting out angry bird faces, to filling the golden eggs with bird stickers, to taste testing the dirt cake. He loved the process and imagining which friend would like which hat and looking forward to playing the games. If a task was too difficult for him, I gave him more “important” jobs. He loved the anticipation and preparation and exclaimed a few different times,

“Hard work is fun!”

Yes, it is fun, especially when it’s for a party. And thankfully we had two grandmas and a granddaddy here to help us pull the whole thing off!

So there it is. Four years ago,  I was in labor giving birth to my first child, and this year cutting out angry birds faces for hats and bags was my labor of love.

It was worth every minute.

angry birds birthday party

3 thoughts on “Angry Birds Birthday Party”

  1. rosita couldn’t have done it better herself! way to go & happy birthday! xoxo

  2. That means a lot coming from you auntie raeann! Thanks! I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of the little signs I made for the food, but if I can zoom in anywhere I’ll try to add those to the post- talk about a labor of love, what you do is hard work! I’m thinking next year I’ll employ Rosita Designs for everything from invites to decorations to thank you notes…this year we did an evite (gasp!) And thank yous were NYC postcards w/angry birds stickers on them…you know me, everything I do has to be symbolic…- nyc is his birthplace afterall!

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