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Hot Wheels Race Car Party Ideas

I am not crafty. But when my sons ask for a specific birthday party theme, I make all the decorations- and they always help me. This way they are involved in the preparation, and I can relax knowing it won’t be perfect, but we enjoy the process.

Here is a race car birthday party we had last year.

hot wheels party ideas


I used black table cloths and put a strip of white White Duck Brand Duct Tape down the center of it every 12 inches- to look like the stripes on the road.

For snacks I served nuts and bolts: (Mixed nuts and Organic Honey Nut O’s)
And spare tires- Organic sandwich cookies, regular and gluten-free
I covered mini water bottles with a strip of Checker Printed Duct Tape and the added the guests names using the Hot Wheels font.

hot wheels party

My sons painted mini wine carafes gold to look like trophies, and we added red hots to clear ones to hold up signs.
hot wheels prty

I was happy to find these Checkered Luncheon Napkins
hot wheels party

Favors were super easy- everyone got a matchbox car!

And of course the playlist!

Rev It Up And Go
Fast Car
Little Red Corvette
Life is a Highway
Route 66
Speed Of Sound
Little Duece Coupe
Good Times Roll
Built For Speed (2000 Digital Remaster)


And if you REALLY get into the theme, you need these nails!




My Favorite Day

life's little instruction bookIt’s my birthday.

Though I have always LOVED my birthday, I never really appreciated the significance of it being my “birth” day until I gave birth. Now I know why H. Jackson Brown, Jr. wrote in Life’s Little Instruction Book wrote, “On your birthday, send your mom a thank-you card.”

It is just as much my mom and dad’s birthday as it is mine. I love to think about the story I always hear about the day I was born- we lived in the mountains, there was  a snowstorm, and only one other baby was born in the hospital that day. My older sister jumped three feet off the ground when telling people, “I have a baby sister! I have a baby sister!”

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and my mom and I spent our first Thanksgiving together in the hospital, while my dad and sister had Thanksgiving dinner at our church. The night they took me home from the hospital, it was freezing cold and I slept the whole night through. My mom and dad looked at each other thinking,”Wow- this baby is amazing. We are going to have it so easy with her.”

I never slept through the night again.

In fact, I remember waking up in the middle of the night and crawling into their bed when I was at least 6 years old. Maybe 7.

Every year on my son’s birthday I tell him the story of his birth, and how happy we were when he came into our lives and  how much we celebrated that day. I can only hope I get the message across to him the same way my parents have always done for me.

So happy “birth” day to my mom and dad. How thankful I am to have both of you.



Angry Birds Birthday Party Playlist

For my son’s fourth birthday we had an Angry Birds party!

No party is complete without a playlist to go with the theme.

I compiled my favorite songs about birds and they were all a hit!


I bought all of the songs on Amazon, since iTunes now charges $1.29 for the most popular songs (which meant all of the songs on my list) and the songs on Amazon are only 99 cents each.