Prickly Pear Limeade

One of the reasons I love having a CSA-aside from eating seasonal food that’s grown locally and helping family farmers- is the opportunity to try new fruits and veggies. Many weeks I find things in my box that I’ve never heard of, or haven’t tasted.

My 3 year old loves getting the delivery, and proudly exclaims the names of the vegetables he knows as he pulls them out.  If there are any he doesn’t recognize, it’s a fun learning experience- usually for both of us!


Last week in addition to sweet potato greens, baby eggplant, green shallots, summer squash, red, green and jalapeno peppers, we received prickly pears and limes.  Those fruits sat on my counter staring at me for 7 days. Then it came to me- I’ll make prickly pear limeade! I couldn’t find a recipe, so I created my own.

Prickly Pear Limeade

5 prickly pears- peeled and strained

5 limes- halved and juiced

1 quart water

1/3 cup sugar

Stir all ingredients together and serve over ice!


I must admit that though this drink was delicious, it was the color that got me.

I have to love a drink as pink as this.

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