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Healthy Car Seats?

Did you know you can have a safe car seat in more ways than one?  In my quest for the “next step up” from infant car seat to convertible car seat, I discovered a website which tests the seats and rates them based on the level of chemicals such as lead, bromine and chlorine they contain.  I really didn’t know we even had the option to find one with fewer (or no) chemicals, and just assumed we’d be choosing based on safety ratings and friends and family recommendations.   This is one of those areas where I thought- well, even though he’ll be exposed to the plastic off gassing and chemicals in the fabric, this is why we feed him organic food and use only natural skin care on him; the areas we can control help to offset the areas we can’t.  But I don’t have to settle and neither do you!  Check out This Convertible Car Seat.

Now I don’t have to hope he holds his breath or doesn’t chew on the straps every time I put him his seat, which makes for a healthier, more relaxed mommy.