First Tip on Avoiding the FLU!

I hate to admit that I’m somewhat of a germ-a-phobe, though if you know me, you already know that. You can always count on me to have a essential oil based anti-bacterial on hand. I really like EO Sanitizing Hand Wipes.They smell great and don’t leave a sticky feeling on your hands. Anyway, everyone is constantly telling me that colds and flus are good for children and they help build their immune systems and it’s all a big part of childhood. My theory on this is that if you do everything you possibly can to fortify their immune systems, when they come in contact with the virus they can fight it off well without getting “full blown” sick. After all, isn’t this the whole reasoning behind vaccines? Expose them to the “bug” just enough to elicit an immune response. So, since we are embarking upon cold and flu season, and the media is trying to scare us to death by fear of swine flu, this will be the first of many tips for stronger immune systems for YOU and your children!
Avoid refined sugar as much as humanly possible.
Sugar is an immune suppressant and weakens the ability of white blood cells to fight off germs by 40%. This negative immune response is immediate and can last for 5 hours. Seriously. There are plenty of unrefined sweeteners to choose from, so it’s easier than it seems. Check labels, because sugar hides in everything from pasta sauce to bread to salad dressing, and don’t buy the product if you see sugar as an added ingredient. Not everything needs it! Ok, try that this week, and next week I’ll give you something else to do. Good luck!

One thought on “First Tip on Avoiding the FLU!”

  1. THANK YOU for posting this Holly! I knew refined sugar wasn’t the greatest thing for me, but I had no idea it actually stops your immune system from fighting off germs. Thank you for your “real approach” to natural living! Any more flu fighting tips?

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